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DK Adelline
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It’s Simple With DK Adelline

We know what is cool.

Choice Overload is Real

In 2020, there were 19,769 beauty brands & 120,000 products, and 3,801 health brands & 28,197 products in Korea.

Trying to find the real gems in this market, to separate the wheat from the chaff, is a considerable challenge. For merchants based abroad, it can be a full time job with small dividends. That’s why DK Adelline is a valuable partner for your K-Beauty & Health business.

With Our Help, You Can Focus on What’s Important

Would you like us to tell you which items and trends are hot right now? What about 6 months from now?
Would you like to combine steady sellers and innovative newcomers in one shipment?
Would you like to build you own brand? Have an item you want in your private label?

Multiple Brand Distribution

DK Adelline can help you pick the right Health & Beauty products and get it to you.


DK Adelline can help you design your own products or brand made in Korea.

Adelline Brand

DK Adelline makes Adelline Cosmetics, a natural & functional skin care brand.

Why do all the hard work yourself?

Searching for quality goods in a foreign market is not easy.
Let DK do the hard work of searching for what is cool.

By working with DK, you can…

  • Save money and time spent on sourcing new and trendy goods
  • Simplify your logistics & accounting by working with one company
  • Reduce financial & regulatory risk by working with a local, established firm
About us

DK Adelline is a Health & Beauty Trading Company

Beauty brands we can supply…,

and the Health brands we can supply:

Let us make your Korean business easy.